Consultancy Partners

Get Ahead of the Curve

Consultants help navigate the digital transformation process, yet field service organizations still lag behind other industries in doing business digitally. Our end-to-end solution empowers Consultancy Partners to drive transformation and help field service organizations automate existing processes.

Streamline Field Service

Field service organizations still rely on complex, labor-intensive processes. They have also invested in a number of legacy systems. Instead of ripping out what is already in place, Zinier enables consultants to future-proof their customers' field service operations by injecting AI-driven automation into their existing systems.

Create Thought Leadership

Our experience with some of the world’s largest field service deployments has helped us build a large repository of industry knowledge – from best practices to data benchmarking. We believe this information should be democratized, and are constantly looking for Partners who can share their own expertise and perspective.

Operationalize Digitization

The digital revolution is more than just strategy – it is the ability to empower people to explore, experiment, and discover how to do things better. Our open, flexible platform allows consultants to drive transformation by measuring granular field data, quickly iterating on processes, and challenging the field service status quo.