Recommendation Configurator

Configure AI for
your operations

Solve your biggest challenges
with custom recommendations

Drive productivity with
proactive, data-driven

Get real-time recommendations for your most pressing problems with the Recommendation Configurator. Choose the AI Configuration behind each recommendation, then determine which events should be observed and the corresponding actions to trigger.

Work smarter
with AI

Train ISAC to observe events in the field, infer likely outcomes, and recommend the best course of action.

Turn issue detection into a trigger for dynamic recommendations.

Enable on-demand recommendations that users can proactively request from any page in Zinier, not just the Recommendation Center.

Simplify data into

Identify the problems you want ISAC to detect and prevent, from SLA breaches to technician reassignments.

Choose which AI configuration should drive each recommendation.

Define the logic behind each recommendation, including special rules and priorities.

Get ahead of the curve. Put ISAC to work for you.

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