Mobile Workflow Studio

Ensure all in-house and outsourced technicians consistently deliver perfect service

Deliver unparalleled customer experiences by making every technician an expert. Easily create, test, and optimize step-by-step mobile workflows to guide your field force through each step of a process, and empower them to complete jobs faster with all relevant job site information at their fingertips.

Raise the bar for operational excellence

Ensure all teams and vendors deliver outstanding service by guiding them through tasks with mobile workflows for common processes like installs, repairs, and removals. Embed best practices and industry expertise into each workflow, and even automatically deploy specific workflows in response to standard maintenance requests.

Create, update, and deploy workflows on the fly

You can edit any live workflow as needed and have the latest version up and running in minutes, not months. Easily build step-by-step mobile workflows, and A/B test workflows to determine the best way to execute a given process.

Identify and act on trends with real-time data

Zinier sends data from every activity back to HQ, enabling more comprehensive performance analysis, more intelligent process automation, and more accurate forecasting.

Empower technicians with back office knowledge

Detailed, historic job site records and an easily accessible FAQ answer technicians’ questions so your back office doesn’t have to. Instead of playing phone tag and delaying progress, your service team can complete more tasks and delight more customers.