Asset Management

A Well-Oiled Machine

The workforce of tomorrow requires constant collaboration between humans and technology. That means every person and part must deliver reliable, high-quality service at all times. Zinier monitors your assets in real time, looking for opportunities to drive self-service and freeing technicians to spend time on other tasks.

Proactive Asset Life Cycle Support

To maximize asset uptime, Zinier automatically triggers workflows for asset installation, repair, and retirement at the right time based on field data and other factors like weather conditions or usage volume. Track KPIs like MTTR and FTFR for each asset so you can easily identify laggards and take appropriate action to improve output.

Tap Into the Power of IoT

Zinier stays in constant communication with your IoT-connected devices and looks for every opportunity for smart devices to service themselves. This way, your technicians only do the jobs that algorithms cannot. If a repair or installation requires human involvement, Zinier will automatically dispatch the best technician based on skills, proximity, and availability.

Get Deep Visibility Into Your Installed Base

A comprehensive Asset Log provides all stakeholders with a single source of truth, complete with field notes for your installed base and maintenance history for each asset. Zinier ensures you always know how each asset is performing, and that technicians have detailed context for every repair and maintenance visit.