Parts & Inventory

Monitor Inventory in Real Time

Just one missing part can derail an entire project. Keep track of all spare parts across all stock locations in real time, and proactively coordinate transfers to prevent delays.

Ensure Spare Parts Availability

Our comprehensive Spare Parts log makes it easy to manage inventory down to the warehouse, depot, and truck level. Reduce fraud and ensure a consistent level of service by maintaining a clear picture of all consumables.

On-Demand Stock Transfer

Don’t let a broken part bring your projects to a halt. If a technician suddenly needs a part replaced in the middle of a job, they can request a replacement with the tap of a button and Zinier will facilitate the entire restocking process.

Streamline Your Operations

Avoid unnecessary truck rolls and lower MTTR by always dispatching the right technician. Our AI-driven platform predicts the parts needed for each job and tracks trunk stock in real time to ensure technicians always have the required parts on-hand.