Predictive Maintenance

Solve Problems Before They Occur

Every minute of unplanned downtime is money out the door. Fuel productivity and avoid costly breakdowns by letting Zinier trigger predictive maintenance efforts at the first sign of trouble.

Disrupt the Break-Fix Model

Avoid unplanned downtime and extend the life cycle of assets with predictive maintenance. Monitor equipment and take preventive measures based on historical trends and real-time data from the field. Easily configure workflows to trigger an automated response or dispatch a technician, based on AI recommendations and internal best practices.

Lower Field Costs

Dispatching technicians to perform routine, on-site maintenance is costly, time-consuming, and unlikely to catch a problem before something goes wrong. Drive efficiency and reduce the number of truck rolls by letting IoT-connected devices identify, triage, and fix potential issues without involving people.

Automatically Trigger Preventive Measures

Avoid breakdowns by triggering maintenance ahead of schedule for assets that experience harsher weather or higher usage. From automatically turning up a fan as soon as a temperature spike is detected to replacing a fuse based on its expected life cycle and technician availability, Zinier helps you stay 10 steps ahead of every issue.