The Next Wave of Field Service

An End-to-End Platform For Today And Beyond

Start by digitizing your operations. Then go to the next level with AI-driven insights and intelligent automation.

Task Automation

Get more done in less time by automating routine tasks and creating step-by-step mobile workflows based on best practices.

Schedule & Dispatch

Take the guesswork out of technician coordination and avoid last-minute conflicts with AI-driven scheduling and stock transfer

Knowledge Base

Put back-office knowledge in the hands of your field force with detailed site records and critical documents on Zinier’s all-in-one mobile app.


Get the visibility you need to make impactful decisions with real-time job statuses and to-the-second performance dashboards.

Optimize Processes With Insights at Every Level

Get complete visibility into your technicians, third-party vendors, assets, and individual work orders.
Tap into real-time data from the back office to the field to understand what’s working and what’s not.
Streamline operations with AI-driven recommendations based on historical trends and real-time data.

Stay Ten Steps Ahead of Every Issue

Keep pace with every development by viewing all AI activity in real time and controlling what actions are taken.
Leverage real-time data from your IoT-connected devices to identify potential problems and trigger predictive maintenance.
Make confident, data-driven decisions with an AI engine that learns from your behavior and adjusts recommendations accordingly.

Maximize Productivity From the Back Office to the Field

Match the right work to the right people with intelligent scheduling based on skills, proximity, and other criteria.
Accelerate task completion by optimizing and automating administrative work like close-out packages and parts requests.
Ensure every technician delivers expert service with step-by-step mobile workflows that guide them through each task.