Service Insights

Get Deep Visibility Into What’s Happening in the Field

With thousands of moving parts and people, it can be difficult to pinpoint where issues start and what actions to take next. Zinier helps you visualize the metrics you care about most with custom dashboards for every level of your organization.

Performance Insights at Every Level

Monitor overall performance of field teams and equipment, then drill down to each individual site and technician to complete the picture. Discover if jobs are being completed accurately — and if not, identify the source of the problem.

Make Confident, Data-Driven Decisions

Supercharge your operations from every angle with deep insights into your field force, back office, and third-party vendors. Our AI-driven platform can uncover performance trends as they emerge, eliminating guesswork and helping you identify issues before it’s too late.

Automate Best Practices

Once you’ve worked out the operational kinks, set your optimized processes in motion with intelligent automation that continuously adjusts based on workforce behavior.