Asset Management

Avoid breakdowns,
drive uptime

Lower costs and extend asset life cycles with real-time equipment monitoring

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Run a well-oiled

Monitor equipment health in real time, driving opportunities for self-service and freeing technicians to focus on other tasks. Build a comprehensive log of all assets, eliminating operational delays and lost revenue due to missing or inaccurate data.

Increase asset

Automatically trigger workflows for installation, repair, and retirement based on field data.

Track the performance of each asset so you can identify laggards and take appropriate action to improve output.

Get deep visibility into your install base with a comprehensive asset log that ensures you know how each asset is performing.

Tap into the
power of IoT

Capture, analyze, and act on streaming data in real time.

Leverage AI and automation to monitor your connected devices and identify opportunities for self-service.

If a repair requires technician involvement, Zinier will automatically dispatch the best technician based on skills, proximity, and availability.

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