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Overcome the challenges of a shrinking workforce and tribal knowledge with our all-in-one field service mobile software

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Standardize service

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Zinier’s field service app standardizes task execution with step-by-step mobile workflows that auto-capture data while technicians work to make close-out simpler than ever.


Accelerate onboarding

Training new hires can take weeks, costing you valuable time and money. Reduce training costs and get new hires up-to-speed quickly with best practice mobile workflows for installations, repairs, and routine maintenance.


Workflows for all your routine tasks

Easily create custom workflows to help technicians finish jobs the first time around, even in areas with low to no connectivity.


Optimize as you go

Modify workflows as needed based on lessons learned from previous tasks, new contract requirements, or any other variable factor. Deploy changes across all associated workflows instantly.


Transform your field operations

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Help your technicians work smarter, faster, and more efficiently with Zinier’s purpose-built mobile app.

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Maximize technician

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Rather than wasting hours each day playing phone tag with the back office to get information, request a stock transfer, or deliver status updates, Zinier’s mobile app gives your teams all the information and tools they need to complete tasks correctly and on time.


On-the-go information

No more time wasted playing phone tag with the back office. Provide easy access to all mission-critical data, from customer histories and site records to location and warranty information.


Eliminate manual data entry

Accelerate task completion by capturing data as technicians move from one step to the next and auto-filling fields whenever possible. Keep tasks progressing smoothly with one-click parts requests, image capture, and close-out package creation.


Streamline close-out package creation

Avoid hours of rework or complicated billing issues that result from incorrect close-out packages. Zinier scans each close-out package for anomalies and flags submissions that require additional review so you can move on to the next task faster.


Verify work

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Make work fraud a thing of the past with automated approval workflows that alert supervisors for critical steps, photo classification that identifies incorrect parts or placements, and geo-fencing that requires technicians to be on-site in order to check in for a task.

Seamless approval workflows

Complete jobs faster and confirm accuracy with automated approval workflows that prevent critical errors from being overlooked.

Eliminate work fraud

Geo-fencing restrictions and image classification, complete with timestamps and coordinates, ensure technicians are on-site when they say they are.

View all activity in real-time

Automatically send task progress data back to HQ in real-time, so your back office can see exactly how far any technician is on a task at any given time. Track live workforce activity for comprehensive analysis and better forecasting

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