Scheduling and Dispatching

A smarter way
to schedule

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Fix things the first time, keep projects on track, and reduce downtime with intelligent scheduling

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Optimize your field
operations at scale

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Automatically assign the best person for each task, based on skills, proximity, parts on-hand, and more.


Automate slow, manually driven processes

With manual scheduling, coordinators spend most of their day trying to figure out who’s available and which tasks are falling behind. Zinier streamlines this process by tracking the progress of each task and automatically reassigning technicians to ensure everything gets done on time.


Assign the right technician, every time

Save time and lower mean-time-to-repair by automatically assigning technicians based on skills, proximity, parts on-hand, and more. With custom skill scoring, easily identify the best resource for each job.


Get ahead of emergencies

Respond quickly to emergency repairs and other urgent tasks. Zinier’s AI-driven platform automatically identifies qualified technicians in the area, so coordinators can dispatch the right person with a single click.


Focus on higher-value tasks

Coordinators today spend most of their time putting out fires and handling routine tasks, from arranging stock transfers to reassigning work orders if a technician falls behind. With Zinier, automate the routine tasks so your back office can focus on driving value.


Zinier for
Field Service

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Find out how we help field service organizations work smarter and faster, from the back office to the field.

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Build a real-time picture
of your operations

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Avoid technician downtime by automatically filling scheduling gaps with new tasks, from dropping off spare parts to emergency repairs.


Configure for your teams

Focus on the KPIs that matter most to you with highly configurable dashboards. At a glance, understand everything from capacity management to the status of each task and technician.


Schedule smarter

Improve forecasting by gaining a clear view of technician bandwidth. Schedule projects months in advance based on capacity, then optimize each task and assignment with just-in-time scheduling.


Eliminate operational bottlenecks

Minimize technician downtime and keep projects on schedule by automatically triggering the next step of an installation involving multiple field teams or vendors.


Drive operational efficiency

Free your teams to focus on execution. Factor drive time into every assignment and recommendation, so your technicians spend more time on site and less time behind the wheel.

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