Technology Partners

Be Part Of the Next Generation of Field Service

Zinier is constantly looking for cutting-edge, high-impact technologies to bring to customers. From augmented reality to IoT, these technologies require an open, extensible field service solution that helps customers stay at the forefront of innovation.

Open, Extensible Platform

Our open platform can easily integrate with both legacy and cloud-based enterprise systems. This unique architecture allows our Technology Partners to leverage their existing systems and next-gen technologies to accelerate the delivery of end-to-end field service solutions.

Repeatable Sales Playbook

We have implemented game-changing projects with global enterprises that increased efficiency and reduced delivery costs. These successful implementations form a repeatable sales playbook that our Partners can use to accelerate their go-to market with customers.

Zinier Demo Instances

Our Technology Partners get exclusive access to Zinier Demo Instances that enable continuous product testing and ensure the development and delivery of seamless workflows. Customize existing workflows to suit customer requirements or create new ones using our low-code platform.