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The field service
AI platform

Transform your field service operations with AI. Our core platform, ISAC, provides the tools and infrastructure you need to build, deploy, and optimize AI-driven field service solutions for your organization.

Configure AI around the specific areas you want to improve, from just-in-time scheduling to work verification. Or let ISAC run in the background, observing user actions and looking for ways to drive productivity.


Intelligent Service Automation and Control (ISAC) is the eyes, ears, and algorithms that analyze your organization’s past and present to help you win in the future. From triggering preventive workflows based on real-time equipment health to recommending stock transfers based on historical data, ISAC helps solve your most pressing problems.

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AI Configurator

The what and how of recommendations. Our AI Configurator gives you complete control over recommendations – define the data models ISAC is trained on, set the algorithms it uses during the recommendation process, and determine which variables are considered when suggesting a recommendation.

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Recommendation Configurator

With the Recommendation Configurator, you can easily define the problems you want ISAC to detect and prevent. If a technician is running behind, ISAC can scan their calendar, predict they are likely to incur an SLA penalty on the next task, and deliver a recommendation to reassign that task to another technician.

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Workflow Builder

Drive technician productivity and automate routine tasks with custom workflows. Save time on building, deploying, and updating workflows with our easy-to-use Workflow Builder. Create, edit, and simulate workflows on the fly, without asking engineers to write custom code.

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App Builder

Build custom solutions for specific field service problems with our App Builder. Group key functionalities – from parts needed to event triggers – into a single bundle that you can deploy across your field service teams. Easily configure access to different apps based on roles and permissions.

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