parts & inventory

Track inventory from the warehouse to the field

Make sure your technicians have the parts and materials they need to complete their tasks on the first visit.

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Tracking inventory from the warehouse to the field

parts & inventory

Manage Parts Catalogs

Capture all the parts & materials information needed to create new inventory.

Managing Parts Catalogs
Managing Stock Locations

parts & inventory

Manage Stock Locations

View parts at stock locations, transfer parts between stock locations and between warehouses and trucks, and link trucks to technicians.

parts & inventory

Track and Manage Parts Consumption

Link parts to tasks and track actual parts quantities so that end customers can be properly billed. Request parts and materials as inventory reserves deplete, or as needed for upcoming work orders.

Track and Manage Parts Consumption

parts & inventory

Not just for the Back Office

Enable technicians to take ownership of the parts they need to execute in the field

Track Assigned Inventory

Each technician can track inventory assigned to them and easily verify that they have everything required to complete their tasks.

Request Parts

If inventory on hand is not aligned to pending tasks, technicians can request additional parts and materials by creating a mobile request to be fulfilled by the back office.

Accept Parts

In response to in-field inventory requests, technicians can accept parts and materials sent to them from the back office via transfer orders.

Return Parts

Upon task completion, technicians can create return orders and drop unused or faulty materials at the warehouse for acceptance by the back office.

Tracking Assigned Inventoryin-field inventory requestsAccepting in-field inventory requestsCreating return orders and drop unused or faulty materials at the warehouse

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