A Fresh Take on Field Service

Zinier’s no-code customizable software gives service organizations the freedom to build the workflows they need to excel in the field

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No two field service organizations are alike.
From the IT ecosystem you connect with, to the workflows executed in the field, your business requirements are unique. And in the fast-paced world of field service, those requirements can change rapidly. And that’s exactly why you need Zinier.


Built for field service execution

ZiniApps solve challenges across the entire lifecycle of field work. Off-the-shelf functional, but also customizable to meet specific use cases, ZiniApps cover the most meaningful jobs to be done in field service installation and maintenance.

Productivity Suite


Create the workflows you need

The Zinier platform – and its unique Studio Z environment – was built to accelerate time to value. Powered by mobile workflow recipes and no-code builders, Studio Z enables business analysts to create the exact field service workflows their business requires, without touching a line of code.



Designed for the field workforce

The product experiences we design have one goal: to address our users’ unique needs and help them excel in the field. Leveraging Design Thinking best-practices, we talk to technicians frequently to build empathy. We test prototypes to validate assumptions and get feedback. We then repeat the process again until we are confident that we have achieved our goal.

Productivity Suite

Configurable AI

Intelligence when and where you need it

Our approach to AI isn’t about being smarter, it’s about being smarter where it matters: workflows. We provide the no-code tools and infrastructure to deploy both custom-built and third-party AI models, so you can easily incorporate the intelligence you need into the workflows that matter.



Connect with everything

The Zinier Integration Marketplace enables you to do more with your ZiniApps, with pre-built connectors for the most common apps and SaaS solutions, all built to drag-and-drop into your specific workflows.


Unique requirements. Rapid change.
Is your field service software up to the task?

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