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schedule service appointments for field service

Instant answers to any workforce and scheduling question

Transform workforce management with tailored intelligence and real-time insights. Empower dispatchers to ask questions, gather data sets, and make informed decisions seamlessly.

Immediate assistance and a wealth of knowledge in the field

Help engineers and technicians tackle fault resolution when and where they need it: in the field. Z-Sidekick is their trusted AI companion, always there to help field teams simplify technical tasks, troubleshoot efficiently, and elevate field service efficiency.
Customizable Mobile Workflows
schedule service appointments for field service

Help customers resolve service issues without the wait

Enhance your customer portal with tailored intelligence that elevates the customer experience. Drive customer satisfaction and prevent truck-rolls by providing context-aware answers that resolve technical issues and appointment queries without the wait.

Accelerate your workflows with AI-based suggestions

Z-Sidekick offers tailored intelligence for developers. Saving you countless hours, your dev companion can suggest code snippets that help you build and modify workflows effortlessly, adjust interfaces on the fly, and code with confidence.
Customizable Mobile Workflows

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