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Multi-step Work Order Management

Hybrid Workforce Management

On-Demand and Periodic Scheduling

Real-time Capacity Management

Inventory and Asset Management

No-code Dashboard Builder

Up to 12 task types

iOS and Android Apps

Field collaboration with Chat, Remote Assistant and Dynamic Audits

Customer Portal

No-code Task Builder

App integration

Unlimited data storage

Custom implementation with 24x7 customer support

A seat on our Customer Advisory Board

No-Code Mobile Task Builder


Zinier Solutions





Office Experience

Work Order Management
Single step Work Orders allow you to add a single task while multi-step allows you to add multiple tasks and task dependencies
1-step only
Multi-step included
Multi-step included
Workforce Management
Manage your in-house workforce only or add the ability to also manage contractors
In-house only
In-house and contractors
In-house and contractors
Contractor Management
Provides the ability to manage one or multiple contractor per work region
One contractor per region
Multiple contractors per region
Scheduling & Dispatch
Schedule tasks on-demand or add the ability to run periodic auto-scheduling runs in the background
On-demand scheduling
On-demand scheduling
On-demand and periodic
Capacity Management
Add Capacity Management to view, adjust and optimize your workforce capacity to meet demand as it changes
Parts & Inventory Management
Manage parts usage, parts requests, transfers, and returns to or from trucks/warehouses and customer sites
Asset Management
Easily keep track of equipment that you're responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing
Pre-configured KPI Dashboards
Leverage a set of pre-configured dashboards to pull data across your solution together and make better decisions
No-code Dashboard Builder
If you require advanced BI capabilities and reporting, our no-code dashboards allow you to build custom dashboards to connect, store, manipulate, and visualize your data

Field Experience

iOS and Android
Access the Zinier app from both iOS and Android devices using a tablet/iPad or mobile phone
Offline Mode
Tasks can be downloaded to the device and accessed offline in areas with low or no internet connectivity. When task data needs to be submitted or sent back to the web app, it is first stored locally and then asynchronously sent to the Server depending on the network connection
Forms & Checklists
The Zinier platform helps you capture any and all data from the field as part of a task. All of the basic data capture components exist: checklists, text input, comment boxes, drop-downs, photo, video, and more
# of Task Types
Indicates the number of distinct mobile workflows or tasks that can be built and sent to technicians. For example, if your team has a break-fix task and a different workflow for installing an asset, these are 2 distinct task types
Up to 4 task types
Up to 8 task types
Up to 12 task types
A unified web and mobile chat experience that enables technicians to get the real-time support they need to maximize field productivity
Remote Assistant
Connect your technicians with remote experts via screen sharing and AR to help them quickly overcome challenges in the field
Dynamic Audits
The Dynamic Audits solution helps you reduce the number of truck rolls with real-time feedback. Auditors can view task progress and submit targeted feedback in real time, reducing manual work and improving feedback efficiency.

Customer Experience

Appointment Booking
Enable your end-customers to easily schedule and modify service appointments. Appointment booking can be done using your own booking system via APIs or through Zinier's Customer Portal
Customer Portal
Make the appointment booking experience your own using Zinier self-service Customer Portal. Configure the customer portal to meet your specific business needs, with custom branding, control over notifications and more
Customer Communications
Control how (SMS and email) and when your customers are notified throughout their appointment booking journey



No-code Task Builder
Eliminate change requests and lengthy development cycles. With our No-Code Task Builder, you can create and modify mobile tasks on the fly without touching a line of code.
Low-code StudioZ
No-code will take you pretty far in Zinier, but there are times when a fundamental change is needed that goes beyond the no-code capabilities. Studio Z is a low-code toolkit for developers to extend the solution, create enhancements or build new applications or features.
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Language Pack
For enterprises that require multi-language support, fear not — our platform capabilities have got you covered. Get in touch for a custom quote based on the number of languages we need to translate.
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Work Order APIs - Ingestion
All of our solution packages allow you to connect with a single external system -- such asa ticketing system ERP or OSS/BSS -- to ingest/import work orders.
Work Order APIs - Update
Select this option if you need to be able to send work order data, status changes and other updates back to the external system you use to create work orders
Appointment Booking APIs
Allows you to use your own Customer Portal when scheduling service appointments that then flow into Zinier using our APIs


Data Storage
Select the plan that best meets your data storage needs
25 GB
100 GB
24/7 Monitoring
All solution packages comes with standard 24/7 environment monitoring to help ensure the stability of your system
Multi-tenant uses a shared infrastructure to provide access to the solution
If you require your own software instance running on infrastructure that is not shared, let us know and we will provide a quote
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Delivery and Implementation

Implementation Time
Represent the amount of time our solution delivery team will dedicate towards configuring and customizing your solution. For reference, 1 sprint = 2 business weeks of development effort
2 sprints
4 sprints
The number of hours of hands-on training provided by our team to get you up and running
6 hours
10 hours
Customer Success Manager
Accelerator and Enterprise packages come with a Customer Success Manager dedicated to your account
Additional Services
If you require additional services outside of the normal scope, let us know and we will get you a quote

Customer Support

Phone Support (Local Time)
Technical support is provided to all. For enterprise customers, it's 24 x 7
8am - 6pm | Monday - Friday
8am - 6pm | Monday - Friday
24 x 7
Online Ticketing System
All customers get access to our ticketing system for logging bugs and other technical requests
Initial Response Time
The time it will take us to respond to a support inquiry or request via our online ticketing system during your hours of phone support
30 Minutes
30 Minutes
15 Minutes
Resolution Time
Resolution times for all clients are determined by our standard SLA agreement
Standard SLA
Standard SLA
Standard SLA
Customer Success Delivery Manager
With all solution packages, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Delivery Manager to ensure your implementation is successful
Customer Advisory Board
We rely on our customers and industry experts to provide inputs and recommendations to ensure that we keep innovating. Enterprise customers will have a seat on this advisory board

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