Scheduling & Dispatch

Eliminate the pain of manual scheduling

Intelligently assign tasks to technicians based on their location, availability, and other business policies.

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Scheduling & Dispatch software

Scheduling & Dispatch

Schedule Optimizer

Optimize technician schedules based on specific business needs, including utilization, travel, experience, capacity, and availability. Easily handle all standard constraints such as SLA, skills, time windows, shifts, and labor costs, with the flexibility to add custom constraints like Covid protocols, security clearance requirements, and more.

Schedule Optimizer
Auto Scheduler

Scheduling & Dispatch

Auto Scheduler

Schedule large volume batches, appointments, and just-in-time tasks for different operational needs. Filter auto-scheduled tasks based on region, task type, and task status.

Scheduling & Dispatch

Dispatch Console

Dispatch to a single technician, crew, or 3rd party contractor and provide personalized dispatch consoles on a workgroup basis. Manage single-day and multi-day tasks in a single dashboard, while our Track My Technician feature shows you the location of all field techs in a single map view.

Dispatch software

Scheduling & Dispatch

Recommendation Center

Intelligent scheduling recommendations that help you
manage exceptions in the field

Long-running Tasks

When tasks are not submitted within 30 minutes after scheduled end time, the task duration is extended by one hour and all impacted tasks are rescheduled and/or reassigned

Missed Scheduled Start Time

Tasks that have passed their scheduled start time by one hour without starting are automatically rescheduled and reassigned within their SLA.

Critical Priority Tasks

Schedules are automatically reshuffled to make room for urgent tasks.

SLA Risks

Actionable recommendations are sent to dispatchers whenever a task is in risk of SLA breach.

Technician on Leave

When technicians go on leave, their tasks are automatically reassigned / rescheduled.

Long-running TasksMissed Scheduled Start TimeCritical Priority TasksSLA RisksEliminating the pain of manual scheduling

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