Field Service Delivery...
Customized with Workflows.
Tailored by Generative AI.

Customizable, workflow-based platform to help you schedule and manage your workforce, assets, and customers, powered by generative AI.

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Supercharge your Field Service Delivery with Tailored AI

AI is changing how the world operates. We are bringing it to the world of Field Services. With Z Sidekick’s generative AI capabilities, we help you uncover real-time insights and automate routine tasks to unlock new levels of productivity.
Z Sidekick
schedule service appointments for field service
Customizable Mobile Workflows


Future Proof your Operations with Workflow Builders

Why choose between off-the-shelf applications (with little room to evolve) and custom solutions (which take a long time to implement)? Our industry-leading platform gives you a ready-to-use productivity suite and a collection of low-code / no-code builders to create solutions, customize workflows, and add intelligent automation – all through a graphic user interface (GUI) without the need for extensive software coding.
Studio Z

z Productivity Suite

Drive Operational Gains with Optimized Scheduling & Dispatch

Struggling to get the right people at the right place at the right time to execute your field jobs? Leverage our capacity management, real-time scheduling, and route-optimization algorithms to manage your resources better and boost your SLA compliance. We offer a truly configurable Scheduler experience to help you operate at the performance and scale required for your growth stage and maturity
Office Experience
App for the mobile workforce
Customizable Mobile Workflows

z Productivity Suite

Enhance Engagement with an Intuitive, Mobile-First Design

40% of a field technician’s workday is wasted in low-value activities. This exacerbates the challenge of employee retention in a market already constrained by labor shortages. Our intuitive mobile app comes with a consumer-grade UI that technicians find intuitive to use. Built-in chat and remote assistance get the right field support to them at the right time. Meanwhile, field forms & checklists can be tailored in minutes to meet your dynamic needs without writing a line of code.
Field Experience


A proven approach to field service delivery

Global, innovative companies leverage the Zinier platform to efficiently install and manage their assets, driving digital transformation and sustainability.


Reduction in driving mileage


Improvement in SLA compliance


Increase in technician productivity


Reduction in total cost of ownership


Join a community of global customers


Tailored solutions for your digital
transformation needs


An excellent entry point for businesses looking to digitize their field operations


Accelerate value with pre-configured software
(up to 80% faster)


Optimize field operations, improve cash flow, and enhance customer service with our native solution for established companies.

Curious about what the future of field service looks like?
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