Take Your Field Service
Operations to New Heights

Zinier Field Service Elements, an end-to-end
platform for modern field service teams

Deliver unparalleled customer service with Field Service Elements. Whether you want to intelligently match technicians to jobs based on skill sets and proximity, create step-by-step mobile workflows, or automatically generate work orders to kick off the next steps of an installation, Field Service Elements is your complete, end-to-end field service management solution.

Zinier Desktop

Helping telcos drive more productivity

The race to 5G technology is on, and telcos with the most productive field service teams will win. Most have started down the path of digitization, but we’re here to help you take the next big leap forward by tapping into the power of automation and intelligence. Imagine automatically scheduling technicians based on skills, site proximity, and other relevant factors. Or providing an interactive, step-by-step guide for technicians upgrading a DAS node. All of this is possible today with Zinier.


Who we are

We want to help field service organizations deliver unparalleled customer experiences using the latest technologies. This starts with digitization, but it also requires automation and intelligence. At Zinier, we put that power in your hands. We’re a global company headquartered in Burlingame, California, with offices in Mexico City, Singapore, and Bengaluru.