Take Your Field Service
Operations to New Heights

Do More With Intelligent Automation

Zinier is purpose-built to drive efficiency across your organization. Our intelligent field service automation platform uses AI-driven insights and recommendations to streamline your operations. Whether you need to intelligently match technicians to jobs based on skills and proximity, monitor a network of IoT-connected devices, or look at historical trends and real-time data to deliver predictive maintenance, we supercharge your ability to do more with less.

Zinier Desktop

The Evolution of Field Service

At Zinier, we help field service organizations use AI and automation to automate routine tasks, complete more jobs per day, and increase visibility into the real-time performance of all assets, field teams, and third-party vendors.

Do More With Data

No matter your business goals, the first step is always gathering data. At Zinier, we help you turn data into AI-driven insights and recommendations.

Transform Your Back Office

From intelligent scheduling to dynamic work order creation, we automate the back office, freeing people to focus on more strategic tasks.

Support Your Field Teams

Minimize truck rolls and deliver better service with an all-in-one mobile app that provides guided workflows and contextual data about each job site.

Helping Telcos Drive More Productivity

The race to 5G technology is on, and telcos with the most productive field force teams will win. Most have started down the path of digitization, but we’re here to help you take the next big leap forward by harnessing the power of automation and intelligence.

The Next Generation of Service Delivery

The Internet of Things is here — and it’s changing the landscape of field service. Find out how you can use intelligent automation to deliver faster, more efficient service.