Customer Communications

Customer notifications to suit your needs and theirs

Control how and when your customers are notified throughout their appointment booking journey.

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Customer Communications

Configure Email and SMS Notifications

Admins can manage the notification content and delivery path (SMS or Email) to suit their appointment needs.

Customer Communications

Default SMS Notifications with AWS

Zinier leverages the robust capabilities of Amazon Web Services to deliver SMS notifications.

Customer Communications

Off-the-Shelf Ready

By default, customers receive notifications at key moments during their appointment booking journey.

Appointment Booking Notification

After a work order is created, the customer receives an appointment booking notification, inviting them to book an appointment through the Customer Portal.

Booking Confirmation

The customer receives an appointment booking confirmation once the technician has been assigned to the booking -- either 24 or 48 hours prior to the appointment based on the appointment window.

Morning-of Reminder

The customer receives a notification reminder on the morning of the appointment.

Technician On-the-way Reminder

A notification is sent to the customer when the assigned technician is en route.

Task Completed Notification

The customer is notified once the task has been completed.

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