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We are committed to the success of the world's deskless workers

From the electricity that lights up our homes, to the communication networks that keep us connected, much of what we all rely on is kept up and running by workers in the field.


What matters to us

We have a choice in creating the company we desire. Wisdom and empowerment come not just from thinking about the future, but from living and sculpting the present to grow into what we think it needs to become.

Be Passionate for Growth

Status quo is not for us. We have fire in the belly to make a difference in this world. We bring clarity and positivity. We inspire each other with our drive and initiative. We seek to continuously improve as a person, as a team, as a company, as a product. We raise the bar for all of us. We never stop growing.

Deliver Awesome

Going beyond awesome is the norm. We are in love with solving our customers’ problems. We walk in our customers’ shoes. We sweat the details and get scrappy to delight our customers with experiences they love. We are proud of the products and solutions we build and the impact we generate.

Take Ownership

Even the fastest car can’t get anywhere without a driver. Every project, every task, and every idea needs a person who will own it and steer it to its destination. We each hold ourselves accountable for delivering the best possible outcome, on time and on budget, for everything we drive.

Learn and Act Fast

Speed matters because the greatest risk is standing still. We lead with a hypothesis. We form an opinion based on data, experience and instincts. We make the call fast and own the outcome. We look at failure as a learning opportunity and a sign of growth.

Obligated to Dissent

Staying silent is not an option. We constructively challenge each other to problem solve and create better outcomes for the team, company, customers and the world. We do it passionately and respectfully. We thrive on giving and receiving feedback.

Win Together

Siloes do not exist here. We accelerate each other in the pursuit of our mission. We break down barriers by communicating clearly and frequently. We celebrate our wins together; we learn from our failures together.

Hire and Develop the Best

People fuel growth. We create a culture where we hire the best, nurture them, and provide experiences that help them grow in their career. We are proud to be associated with Zinier and the talent brand we are creating.

Enjoy the Journey

The destination matters, but the journey is just as important. In this digitally connected world, we spend more time with our work colleagues than at home. We are a family. We take care of each other to make the journey memorable and fun.



Headshot of Adi Sankaran

Adi Sankaran


Akshay Kumar Mishra

Akshay Kumar Mishra

Solution Delivery

Headshot of Andrew Wolf

Andrew Wolf


Headshot of Animesh Shrivastava

Animesh Shrivastava


Anthony Zara

Anthony Zara

Customer Success

Archana Srivastava

Archana Srivastava


Headshot of Arun Chetty

Arun Chetty

Solution Consulting

Headshot of Bindu Goteti

Bindu Goteti


Davender Singh

Davender Singh


Headshot of Doug McCullen

Doug McCullen


Headshot of Luis Martinez Jimenez

Luis Martinez Jimenez

Solution Architecture

Headshot of Minakshi Gutgutia

Minakshi Gutgutia


Headshot of Prateek Chakravarty

Prateek Chakravarty


Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma


Raoul Hingle

Raoul Hingle


Richard Pell

Richard Pell

Customer Support

Headshot of Tania Rendic

Tania Rendic


Tom Oates

Tom Oates

Customer Success

Tuhin Debnath

Tuhin Debnath


Headshot of Vikram Shivashankar

Vikram Shivashankar

Customer Success


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