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Operational processes holding you back?

The race to connect customers to your ultrafast broadband network is on. The network is building out rapidly, and your sales and marketing teams are signing up new customers at an encouraging rate. But there’s a good chance that the pre-enablement and installation activities of your field service organization are being held back by operational processes:

Legacy Software Tools

You’ve managed your field operations with minimal automation to date, but are worried about keeping up with demand, as your current tools and methods don’t give you the needed field and back office efficiency.

Deferred Technology Investment

The decision to invest in modern field service automation tools has been put off until now. Your IT organization has a plate full of ‘essential’ improvements, and you’re competing for their time and available budget.

Inefficient Resource Utilization

With the continued retirement of experienced talent, you’re nervous about ramping up your organization and are seeking ways to make your current teams more productive to reduce the impact of staffing delays.


Introducing the Zinier Accelerator Package

The Zinier Accelerator Package will help you break free from the operational processes that are holding you back.

It’s built for today

As an off-the-shelf software solution for fiber pre-enablement, installation, and repair, it can be up and running in a few weeks.

It's built for tomorrow

As your business grows and needs change, you can customize any of your workflows without touching a line of code.

It's built for your budget

Get started at a low entry point that fits within your budget today, and doesn’t require additional spending until you start to scale.


What results can you expect?

Our customers typically see 10x ROI within months of going live, accumulative over the life of each engagement. These benefits accrue across several areas:


Improve customer experience

Email and SMS updates keep customers engaged during the appointment process.

'Track My Technician' functionality reduces customer inbound calls inquiring about appointment status.

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customer notifications for work order tasks
Remote assistance


Increase technician productivity

Reduce problem diagnosis time and repeat visits via remote assistance capability.

Mobile environment designed for ease of use and technician enablement.

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Increase back office productivity

Reduce manual rescheduling and work allocation with our AI-powered recommendation center.

Streamline technician visits via route optimization and a real-time appointment management portal.

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AI-powered recommendation center
Accelerate fiber to the home services


Accelerate time to value

Customize mobile workflows in minutes rather than weeks using our no-code development environment.

Flexible integration environment with inventory management, CRM, and other back office systems.

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the Zinier Accelerator Package

What's in the box?

Studio Z Platform

Leverage Zinier's no-code customization capabilities to future-proof your business.

Customer Experience Applications

Appointment Booking
Customer Communications
Customer Portal

Office Experience Applications

Asset Management
Parts & Inventory
Scheduling & Dispatch

Field Experience Applications

Mobile Task Execution
Forms & Checklists
Mobile & Web Chat

One-time Setup Fee

Zinier will get you up and running in a matter of weeks.

CRM Integration

Simple CRM integration enables you to realize immediate benefits.


Proven training sessions facilitate onboarding and go-live success.

Technical Support

Ongoing technical support to ensure long-term success.

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