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Fibre to the premises solutions

Fiber to the Premises

Making a difference where it matters

Zinier is focused on optimizing the use cases - Network Assurance, Pre-enablement, Customer Installations - that have significant impact on the bottom line of every Fiber to the Premises provider.

Network Assurance

The dynamic nature of planned maintenance, unplanned outages, and everything in between makes network assurance more complex than ever. Zinier solves this complexity through purpose-built applications that empower field technicians and improve cross-team collaboration, resulting in better asset performance and SLA adherence.


In an industry where every day matters, it’s mission-critical to optimize pre-enablement activities across a broad base of employees and contractors. Zinier provides the visibility, accountability, and coordination necessary to maximize contractor efficiency and streamline both simple and complex installations.

Customer Installations

Keeping end customers happy is vital to staying competitive, and making sure those customers are informed and in control of their schedules is a key part of that happiness. Zinier enables fiber providers to put their best foot forward with automated scheduling, seamless communication, and optimized incident management.

Fiber to the PREMISES

Network Assurance

Mobile apps and workflows that facilitate field execution excellence

Want to improve first time fix rate? With Chat and Remote Assistant apps at their fingertips, every technician can think – and perform – like an expert

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communication solutions for deskless workers

A better-connected team is a better-performing team

From the NOC to the field, get real-time end-to-end visibility into maintenance operations, all the way down to the task and asset level

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collaboration software for field service

Digitally track and manage the life of every asset

Per-asset maintenance schedules, complete asset service histories, and comprehensive reporting means increased SLA adherence and improved asset performance

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maintenance in manufacturing industry



Stop herding contractors

With real-time visibility into contractor activities, pre-enablement rework – and PICs – become the exception, not the rule

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Pre-enablement contractor visibility

Enable contractors to put their best foot forward

With recommendation-based automation, the back office can ensure contractors are maximizing efficiency and meeting performance goals

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field service workflow process automation

Reduce rework and repeat visits

Make real-time collaboration with contractors a reality via consolidated work orders, real-time QA, and tech evidence transfer

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connected field service with zinier


Customer Installations

Supercharge your NPS

Give customers the experience they want: real-time capacity-based appointment scheduling and notifications throughout the service process

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schedule service appointments for field service

Right people, right place, right time. Every time

Automatically schedule and assign tasks to technicians based on their location, availability, skill set, and more

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Turn a negative into a positive

Real-time re-optimization, automated customer notifications, and seamless mobile and back office coordination can turn any fault into a positive customer experience

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positive customer experience in field service
Reiciendis et at quam maxime culpa. Nesciunt aperiam culpa vero quia aperiam necessit

"Zinier’s platform is expected to enable a whole host of features aimed at strengthening our customer experience, by improving visibility and transparency of day-to-day activities, which will translate to operational efficiencies. Zinier’s platform will also be tailored to the needs of our technicians, providing a centralised, well integrated solution to our workforce management needs."

Jake Mitchell

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