AI Configurator

Your Way.

Configure AI for your specific use cases

Define your
own criteria

Our AI Configurator gives you complete control over recommendations – define the data models ISAC is trained on, set the algorithms it uses during the recommendation process, and determine which variables are considered when suggesting a recommendation.

The building blocks for
each recommendation

Select the different variables that will be used to calculate the best option for a given situation.

Import training data to get recommendations up and running, then continue re-training models based on the latest data.

Configure AI for tasks beyond recommendations, such as just-in-time scheduling or photo classification.

Customize AI for
your operations

Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box configurations for scheduling, stock transfers, inventory management, and more.

Optimize recommendations and create highly targeted solutions by tweaking criteria for a particular use case or region.

Build custom configurations by selecting the attributes used and creating your own AI formulas.

Get ahead of the curve. Put ISAC to work for you.

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