App Builder

Design and
deploy apps

Custom solutions for your
most pressing problems

Build the right
response for
every event

Streamline operations from the back office to the field with custom workflows and automated responses. With the App Builder, you can group key functionality – from parts needed to event triggers – into a single bundle that can be deployed across your organization.

Powerful automation,
easy-to-use tools

Quickly build new pages using pre-built components and layouts.

Group pages into a single functionality, such as scheduling and dispatching or maintenance workflows.

Download and install out-of-the-box solutions for common use cases.

Easy to deploy
and configure

Configure access to different apps based on roles and permissions.

Connect your existing systems and apps with simple integrations.

Automate the right response to any situation with custom workflows.

Get ahead of the curve. Put ISAC to work for you.

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