The Field Service
AI platform

Automate more tasks with our flexible, configurable AI platform

Streamline your
field operations
with ISAC

Intelligent Service Automation and Control (ISAC) is the eyes, ears, and algorithms that analyze your organization’s past and present to help you win in the future. By comparing a constant flow of real-time data against historical trends, ISAC is able to recommend the best course of action for any situation.

Power your success
at scale

With ISAC as your foundation, build AI solutions for the use cases most important to you.

Review each AI-driven recommendation as it comes in and choose which ones you want to act on.

ISAC is always running in the background, observing user actions and looking for ways to optimize processes.

Build a complete
picture of your

Connect all of your critical systems to ISAC, ensuring that all relevant data is factored into each recommendation and insight.

Drive operational efficiency by monitoring the performance of all field teams and assets, then automating best practices.

Use data models to understand what’s normal and what’s not for a given solution.

Get ahead of the curve. Put ISAC to work for you.

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