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Five for Friday: New 5G Business Models, New Cheese Metaphors

There’s a new wrinkle emerging in the 5G rollout, and some new advice about how to communicate the value arising out of your data models (spoiler alert: it involves cheese). Catch up on the latest trends and technologies shaping the world of field service operations (including some holiday shenanigans).

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The Serious Business of the 5G Revolution

They say that when it comes to comedy, timing is everything. They also say that the only difference between comedy and tragedy is the passage of time. Whatever your role is with 5G, you’d probably agree that its timing has been a bit, well, awkward.



Five for Friday: Rolling out 5G, AI-powered creativity, and backyard offices

Want something new to share at the water cooler (or over Slack) on Monday? Check out these quick hits from the worlds of field service, technology, and construction.



Five for Friday: Technologies driving 5G expansion, AI-driven punchlines, and more

Looking for something perfect for a shelter-in-place summer weekend? Here are a few ideas from the worlds of field service, technology, startup life – and the comedy stylings of Alexa, Siri, and Cortana.



5G and the Human Logistics Nightmare

Field service organizations face a unique set of challenges with the 5G revolution just around the corner. One of the most pressing is building workforces that can tackle the rollout and maintenance of exponentially larger, more complex networks.



Keeping Pace With Rising Customer Expectations

It’s a beautiful Friday morning – one of the first days of sun after months of cold – and you’re getting some remote work done in the backyard when the internet goes out.

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