Since the first Earth Day in 1970, many businesses and consumers have embraced a more sustainable mindset. More and more, we’ve all been factoring in the environmental impact of our choices – whether it’s buying cars that get more miles per gallon, or installing pollution-control devices in our manufacturing facilities. 

And since that first Earth Day, society has made significant progress. For example, the average fuel economy for American cars has roughly doubled, from average mpg’s in the low teens to the mid-20s today. And despite stalling out a bit in the past decade or two, fuel economy is back on an upward trajectory, largely as a result of the influx of electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads. 

On the other hand, that measure of progress has taken more than half a century. Today, many find themselves asking if it’s possible to make better and faster progress. 

And the answer is, in a word, yes. 

Helping to speed up that progress is an important part of why Zinier exists. Our customers are in the business of building, maintaining, and improving the world’s infrastructure. And that infrastructure is one of the major drivers of improved efficiency in many industries, from telecommunications to manufacturing to managed IT services. 

Sustainability vs. Profits – Why Not Both

In the business world, increased sustainability often results from process improvements or improving workflows. And these are often driven by the metrics we focus on. Many enterprises have begun tracking their environmental performance side-by-side with more traditional metrics related to their bottom line. (These often fall under the umbrella of ESG – environmental, social, and corporate governance.) By helping businesses boost their efficiency, Zinier is excited by the opportunities we’ve had to help them improve their ESG metrics in addition to their performance metrics. 

For example, our customer Community Fibre has been recognized as the best provider of fiber-to-the-home Internet service in the UK. By accelerating its ability to provide service to more customers (while maintaining its high performance standards and delivering top-rated customer service), the company is able to bring high-bandwidth service to more consumers more quickly. And that’s helping consumers make the transition to a work-from-home lifestyle – which, in turn, means fewer commuters driving to the office and back on a daily basis. 

Creating more efficient workflows may not get the kinds of headlines that EV pioneers like Elon Musk generate on a daily basis. But for most enterprises, it can be just as exciting. And that’s doubly true when that efficiency drives up their bottom line while also reducing their environmental footprint. 

Removing the Barriers to Change

Another critical focus for Zinier is helping companies become more nimble and more resilient. Becoming more efficient has become an increasingly urgent need. The risks and threats to our environmental well-being aren’t waiting around until some far-off future when it might be more convenient to deal with them. And of course, business disruptions such as pandemics and supply-chain chaos add additional pressure to respond quickly to changes in your business requirements. 

For many field service operations, the words “change” and “quickly” rarely appear in the same sentence. To remedy that, Zinier has developed a no-code solution that allows enterprises to implement changes in their workflows in real time. Zinier’s no-code customization solutions not only drive rapid improvements in efficiency, but they ensure that our customers will be able to immediately make whatever changes they need to keep their efficiency optimized, no matter what curveballs are lobbed their way. The traditional bottlenecks – time, expensive resources needed to implement changes, internal reviews, and so forth – fall aside when everybody in the operation can make any necessary updates in a matter of minutes. 

By helping field service operations become more efficient – and by providing them a platform that allows them to keep their operations running smoothly as their needs evolve – Zinier is committed to doing our part in making the planet a more sustainable place – and getting there as soon as possible. 

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