Depending on your point of view, 2020 will either be one of the easiest years for gift giving – or the most challenging ever. On the one hand, it seems like many people are grateful these days for even the most modest tokens of appreciation. On the other hand, tempers can run even shorter than ever, so you’ll want to choose your gifts cautiously.Here at Zinier, we want to put you on the right side of those odds. So we’ve put together a crack team of gift concierges to come up with our list of the ten best gift ideas for anybody in your life involved in field service automation solutions (including yourself, of course). We even snuck a peek at Santa’s rough draft for his naughty and nice list, and checked it twice, and included a few ideas for anyone on your list who’s slipped onto the dark side once in a while. To get you prepared for Black Friday, we've got the first five gift ideas for you this week, and will share the second half of the list next week.

  1. For the coordinator who’s still new to the idea of automation: Consider this Bob Ross paint-by-numbers kit that will ease them into the idea of simplifying the complexity and chaos in their lives.
  2. Someone on your list needs better visibility into their field service operation? Consider these goggles with built-in windshield wipers. (Uber stylish, too!)
  3. So you think you’re tracking everything you can on the Internet of Things by now, do you? How about your dog? This fitness tracker for Fido will let you finally check off that specification from your implementation plan. But you’ll need to factor in whether your pup has an unfair advantage aiming for those 10,000 steps a day because, you know, twice as many legs and all. (Pssst...we’re not supposed to tell you this, but watch for new canine integration capabilities from Zinier in 2021.)
  4. Who doesn’t love big data? These 30-inch styrofoam digits are about the biggest data there is. Just the ticket for anybody in your life who still insists that “infinity plus one” simply has to be bigger than infinity.
  5. Six geese a-laying and seven swans a-swimming are always popular gifts, but how about taking your gift-giving to 11 with Square Root of 2 to One Million Digits, a riveting read that proves that you can, actually, judge a book by its cover. Sure, it starts out with a tried and true cliche (1.4142), but around the halfway point, you’ll find yourself trying to guess the twists and turns right up until the shocking ending that you’ll never see coming.

Hope these help you get a headstart on your holiday shopping. And stay tuned for the second half of our gift list next week! Get a heads up whenever there’s something new on the Zinier blog – follow us on LinkedIn.

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