You know the old saying (attributed to Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi) “Winning isn’t everything – it’s the only thing”? 

Well, in some markets, winning is all about speed. It might be having that all-important first-mover advantage that’s critical or consistently finding your customers before your competitors do. Or just always doing things with a side order of hustle. 

And the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) business is definitely one of those markets. We’ve heard from lots of FTTH companies that your top three business requirements from a field service operations solution are…well…speed, speed, and speed. 

Maybe it's it the return of Top Gun, but a lot of folks are feeling the need for speed these days. And one of the top goals for speed-centric companies is often time to value. To get the quickest time to value, you need to focus on software solutions that: 

  • Get up and running quickly, without all the usual hiccups, glitches, change orders, and feature creep that all wind up obstructing your efforts. 
  • Require a minimal upfront technology investment, to avoid the chicken-and-egg stalemate of needing to see the results of a project before you can justify the budget for the project. 
  • Helps you extract the most value from all your existing resources, including backoffice and field personnel, legacy software, and existing workflows. 

To help you address these challenges, Zinier has created a ready-made bundle of the components – the proven field-tested essentials for a FTTH solution – that will help you deploy a stellar field service operations solution as quickly as possible. 

We call it the FTTH Accelerator Package. (Sure, maybe we could have come up with a catchier name for it, but then it would have taken longer to get all this goodness to you.)

What’s in the (virtual) box? 

  • Everything starts with the Studio Z Platform. With Zinier’s no-code customization environment, you’ll not only get your initial deployment up and running quickly, but you’ll have a future-proof solution that you can update in minutes whenever your business needs change. 
  • The Accelerator Package includes mission-critical applications for ensuring the best possible customer experience, including Appointment Booking, Customer Communications, and Customer Portal. 
  • To optimize your backoffice operations, the bundle includes our popular applications for Asset Management, Parts & Inventory, and Scheduling & Dispatch. 
  • Your field team will be able to stay on top of even the fullest task loads and unexpected curveballs with apps for Mobile Task Execution, Forms & Checklists, and Mobile & Web Chat. 
  • Integration with your existing legacy stack is streamlined thanks to the included CRM integration capabilities. 
  • Your friction-free deployment is ensured with training and onboarding tools, technical support, and a simplified pricing structure. 

Each of these components has been chosen to help you achieve four key outcomes: 

  • An improved customer experience
  • Increased technician productivity
  • Better backoffice productivity
  • Above all, accelerated time to value

Find out more and request a demo of the FTTH Accelerator Package here.

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