Work Order Management

Automate your service
delivery chain

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Streamline your field operations by automating routine processes, from monitoring task progress and creating work orders to triggering next steps in a multi-vendor installation.

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Put daily tasks
on auto-pilot

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Work smarter and faster by automating routine tasks, from daily rolls calls at each site to scanning close-out packages for anomalies.


Streamline your operations

Zinier’s work order software helps you automate everything from daily roll calls to work verification, so your coordinators spend less time putting out fires and more time on higher-value tasks.


Get it right the first time

Increase first-time fix rates by automatically scanning close-out packages while the technician is still on-site. If an error is detected, Zinier notifies the technician to fix the issue before submitting the close-out package.


Create automated workflows

Take the busy work out of work order creation with custom templates for your most common work orders.


Digitize your workflows

Eliminate the headache of paper forms and manual processes. Our mobile app automatically captures field data, so you don’t need to worry about human error, missing carbon copies, or hard-to-read notes.


Zinier for
Field Service

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Find out how we help field service organizations work smarter and faster, from the back office to the field.

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Work smarter,
deliver faster

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Know what’s happening across your teams with real-time visibility into the status of each task and technician.


Customize your experience

View pre-built reports and configure dashboards to display the KPIs you care about most. Monitor performance down to individual technicians and job sites.


Stay on top of every task

Monitor technician progress in real time. If a task falls behind or a last-minute stock transfer is required, Zinier automatically creates a new work order and assigns it to the nearest available technician.


Complete the picture

Seamlessly connect your current systems and funnel all issues into a single place. Ensure all tickets and work orders are automatically reflected in the original source for total consistency.


Prioritize tasks

Avoid SLA penalties by automatically detecting when a technician is running behind. If a task in a high-priority work order is delayed, the issue is escalated for immediate resolution.

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