In talking with potential new customers, some questions crop up regularly. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear:

  1. Is the Zinier platform SOC2 compliant?

Yes, we undergo a rigorous compliance review on an annual basis, and recently received our latest SOC2 “thumbs up.”  

  1. I’m intrigued by the benefits of the Zinier platform, but I’m reluctant to consider adding any technology to my existing tech stack due to the challenges of integrating anything new to my existing tech stack.

(Hey, this isn’t Jeopardy!, so we’re OK if you don’t phrase your FAQs in the form of a question.) The specter of integrating a new application, platform, or data stream  can be a barrier that holds enterprises back from adopting changes no matter what missed opportunities that might cost them. Fortunately, in the case of the Zinier platform, our Integration Marketplace supports out-of-the-box integrations with 1,000+ applications to leverage data from your existing tech stack to extend the functionality of each application.

  1. We have some operating environments with severe bandwidth limitations, so we’re reluctant to rely on cloud-based software. Can Zinier accommodate those kinds of constraints?

Of course! (You didn’t think we’d include this question if that wasn’t the answer, did you?) Technicians often find themselves performing work in areas with little or no internet connectivity. With this in mind, our mobile app was designed to operate in offline mode, allowing technicians to capture field data and complete their work without an internet connection.

  1. We’ve seen a lot of applications for field personnel that are clearly afterthoughts, with awkward user interfaces for mobile devices that result in low adoption rates. How does Zinier avoid this problem?

We flip the design process on its head, and embrace a mobile-first approach to software development. The reality is that field technicians and engineers are using a wide variety of devices – often their own personal phone or tablet – so our expectations for our software is to provide the same versatility and intuitive ease of use as the best consumer-grade software applications. We will also typically include end-user adoption as one of the key metrics that monitor, to ensure that our solutions are meeting this goal.

  1. Even the best enterprise software solutions require service and support – what options does Zinier offer?

We embrace the mantra “Big enough to deliver, small enough to care.” Our experienced delivery team works on a day-to-day basis with each customer, from defining requirements to analyzing performance to planning the next deployment. We have experts around the globe and can be available on a 24/7 basis.

Got more questions about the Zinier platform? Schedule a demo and get some answers!

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