In honor of International Women’s Day, focused on the theme of “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress” some of Zinier’s own #fearlesswomen shared their personal and professional journeys, offering insights into the obstacles they've surmounted and the triumphs they've achieved within today’s dynamic workforce.

  1. Hima Bindu Goteti, Director of Engineering

Hima Bindu Goteti, a dedicated engineering professional, emphasizes the importance of building high-quality applications to delight customers. Her strong work ethic and resilience drive her pursuit of excellence. Throughout her career, she has gained diverse experiences, evolving into a holistic technologist with a strategic focus. 

In an insightful interview, Bindu shares her perspective on the valuable contributions of women in the tech sector. She applauds the increasing presence of women in leadership positions, citing inspiring figures like Sheryl Sandberg, Susan Wojcicki, and Safra Catz. Bindu attributes women's success to their natural abilities - detail orientation, multitasking, and efficient task prioritization.

Bindu draws inspiration from leaders like Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo, admiring her strategic acumen and perseverance in a male-dominated industry. Sheryl Sandberg's book, "Lean In," has been an eye-opener for Bindu, encouraging her to overcome the confidence gap and embrace growth opportunities. Applying these principles, Bindu endeavors to instill leadership qualities in her own career and within the teams she collaborates with.

Navigating environments where women are underrepresented, Bindu advocates for building positive relationships and leading by example. She underscores the importance of proactive engagement, constructive feedback, and offering support to colleagues, fostering an environment conducive to mutual respect and recognition.

Balancing work, family, and personal life is a challenge that Bindu tackles with meticulous scheduling, open communication, and a strong support system. Her stress busters include family time, meditation, and regular walks, contributing to her resilience and strength.

For individuals, especially women, entering the tech industry, Bindu offers valuable advice. She emphasizes the importance of pursuing passion, continuous learning, and building strong relationships for mentorship and guidance. Rejecting the notion that leadership roles define success, she encourages a deep commitment to the job at hand, underlining the irreplaceable value of hard work for those aspiring to excel in the dynamic world of technology.

  1. Nikki Grimsley, Enterprise Delivery Manager

Nikki Grimsley, an Enterprise Delivery Manager at Zinier, reflects on her dynamic role, challenges, and the nuanced perspective she holds on International Women's Day. Nikki questions the need for special days and advocates for treating everyone equally, fostering organic evolution towards equality.

Sharing her personal story, Nikki, a single mother to two children with autism, emphasizes the importance of remote work flexibility in her tech role. She discusses the balance between work and family life, highlighting the benefits of remote work for better time utilization.

Reflecting on inspiring women, Nikki recounts her evolution in environments where women are underrepresented, overcoming early insecurities. She addresses encounters with sexism, emphasizing her resilience and determination to prove her worth. 

Nikki highlights the core values of Zinier that resonated with her and offers invaluable advice derived from these principles.

Take ownership: Nikki emphasizes the importance of hard work and accountability. She believes that determination and effort are essential for success. Instead of blaming others, she encourages individuals to take control of their destinies and be proactive in effecting change. Success isn't entitlement; it's something to be earned through dedication and perseverance.

Learn and act fast: Nikki advises against seeking shortcuts or stepping on others to advance. Instead, she advocates for continuous learning and prompt action. By observing and absorbing knowledge from peers and acting decisively when necessary, individuals can progress steadily without procrastination.

Win together: Nikki emphasizes the power of collaboration and mutual support. She encourages helping others and fostering a positive impact on their lives and careers. Nikki believes in the reciprocity of kindness and assistance, recognizing that such gestures often lead to reciprocal support in the future.

Nikki reassures individuals that it's possible to have a family and a successful career. While acknowledging the challenges and potential setbacks, she encourages perseverance and resilience. Nikki advises against becoming fixated on obstacles, urging individuals to rise above them and pursue their goals with determination.

Nikki's advice reflects the ethos of Zinier and offers a roadmap for personal and professional growth, emphasizing integrity, collaboration, and resilience.

  1. Minakshi Gutgutia, VP of Finance

Minakshi, a Finance professional with an MBA degree in Finance and a CPA license in California, possesses a problem-solving mindset and excels at using data for decision-making. She has a proven track record of leading cross-functional teams and driving results, having been the first finance hire at multiple startups and building in-house finance and accounting teams from scratch.

In an interview, Minakshi discusses her sources of inspiration, highlighting Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian-born woman in space, and Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo, for their courage, tenacity, and groundbreaking achievements. She emphasizes the importance of confidence, self-advocacy, and resilience in gaining respect and recognition in environments where women are underrepresented.

Minakshi advocates for an integrated approach to balancing work, family, and personal life, emphasizing the significance of planning, setting clear boundaries, and prioritizing self-care. Her approach to balancing work, family, and personal life serves as a testament to the possibility of thriving in all aspects of life.

In navigating the technology industry, Minakshi encourages individuals, especially young women, to prioritize the acquisition of hard skills, proactive networking, and embracing opportunities outside their comfort zones. Her advice serves as a guiding light for aspiring professionals seeking to make their mark in competitive fields.

  1. Namritha Raghavan, Product Engineering Technical Lead

Namritha Raghavan, a seasoned engineer, has navigated various roles in the industry, from teaching computer science to entrepreneurship, culminating in her current position as a Product Engineering Technical Lead at Zinier. Beyond her professional life, Namritha is a devoted mother, supportive wife, and passionate dancer. 

In an insightful interview, Namritha reflects on women's contributions to the tech industry, emphasizing the increasing presence of women in leadership roles and their invaluable perspectives driving innovation and growth. Drawing inspiration from trailblazers like Sheryl Sandberg and Shobhana, Namritha celebrates the transformative power of female leadership.

Reflecting on personal achievements, Namritha finds pride in resilience and the pursuit of smaller victories. Her entrepreneurial journey, though challenging, has enriched her with invaluable experiences and lessons. As a passionate dancer, Namritha embraces every opportunity to express herself through the art form, embodying the spirit of determination and self-expression.

Advocating for inclusivity and diversity, Namritha highlights the importance of open-mindedness, respectful interactions, and continuous learning in fostering a more equitable society. She emphasizes the role of mentorship in advancing women's careers, drawing from her own experiences of guidance, support, and empowerment.

Namritha Raghavan epitomizes the spirit of resilience, determination, and compassion. Her journey, marked by professional achievements, personal fulfillment, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, serves as an inspiration to women aspiring to make their mark in the tech industry and beyond.

  1. Jennifer Viruet, Director of Business Development

Jenny Viruet, a seasoned professional in Business Development, specializing in Field Service for over a decade, shares her insights and experiences, personal achievements, and the power of inclusivity.

In environments where women are underrepresented, gaining respect and recognition can be a challenge. Jenny emphasizes the importance of speaking up for what's right, a strategy that has earned her respect over the years. By standing her ground and advocating for herself and others, she challenges the status quo and fosters a culture of accountability and equality.

Mentorship, Jenny believes, is instrumental in career advancement for both men and women. She credits a former Sales Leader for refining her skills and propelling her to success. His unconventional methods and dedication left a lasting impact, demonstrating the transformative power of mentorship.

In promoting inclusivity and diversity, Jenny advocates for kindness and acceptance. Embracing differences and actively including everyone fosters understanding and harmony. Her mother's influence resonates deeply, reinforcing the importance of empathy and compassion in every interaction, both personally and professionally.

Jenny Viruet's story exemplifies resilience, integrity, and the transformative power of human connection. Through her experiences and insights, she inspires others to break barriers, pursue their dreams, and cultivate a culture of inclusivity and respect.

  1. Nikitha Gajula, Senior Product Manager

Nikitha Gajula, a seasoned Senior Product Manager at Zinier, with a career spanning six years across Microsoft and her current role. In this insightful interview, Nikitha shares her experiences, thoughts on women in tech, personal inspirations, career milestones, the role of mentorship, and practical steps for promoting inclusivity and diversity in professional and personal interactions

Nikitha emphasizes the crucial role women play in the tech industry, bringing diverse perspectives that lead to more comprehensive problem-solving and creative solutions. She highlights the positive impact of women's presence in challenging long-standing biases and stereotypes, creating a more balanced and equitable workplace.

Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, stands out as an inspiration for Nikitha, actively working to close the gender gap in STEM and empower young girls. Additionally, Nikitha's personal hero is her mother, whose journey from overcoming gender biases in education to striving for a better life as an immigrant showcases remarkable resilience and determination.

Nikitha advocates for inclusivity by structuring meetings to encourage input from all participants, challenging biases, and actively seeking diverse viewpoints. Understanding and valuing each team member's strengths and weaknesses contributes to a more inclusive working environment.

  1. Sweta Dubey, Talent Acquisition Lead

Sweta Dubey, a seasoned Talent Acquisition Lead, sheds light on the significant contributions women are making to the tech industry today. With a diverse background and professional expertise, she shares her perspectives on women's roles in leadership, technical expertise, entrepreneurship, diversity advocacy, and mentorship.

Reflecting on historical and contemporary figures, Sweta finds inspiration in women who embody courage, resilience, and remarkable achievements. Kamala Harris, the first female vice president of the US, stands as a trailblazer, breaking gender and racial barriers. Michelle Obama, the first African American First Lady, has used her platform to advocate for crucial social issues, leaving an indelible mark on history.

Sweta emphasizes the role individuals play in promoting inclusivity and diversity in their everyday interactions. Education, challenging biases, active listening, speaking up, and actively promoting diversity are key steps to foster an inclusive environment both professionally and personally. These actions contribute to a workplace culture that values diverse perspectives and experiences.

Sweta provides insights into balancing work, family, and personal life in today's society. Through planning, prioritization, boundary setting, time management, and a commitment to family time and self-care, she demonstrates that achieving balance is possible with thoughtful strategies.

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