Luis Martinez describes himself as "a guy with an exciting job, a couple of hobbies and a lot of dreams for the future."

As Director of Solution Architecture, the ability to dream about the future comes in handy on a daily basis. For those unfamiliar with solution architecture, it's a role that functions as a cross between a bridge and a translator between Zinier and our customers, particularly at the beginning of our engagement on a specific project. The goal is to identify and articulate optimal solutions based on customer needs and expectations and Zinier’s product suite, customization capabilities, and resources.

In other words, Luis helps our customers dream about their futures and work out a detailed roadmap for how Zinier can help turn those dreams into a reality.

The role involves interacting with different parts of Zinier as well as different parts of the customer's organization. From his home base in Tultepec in State of Mexico, Mexico, Luis manages all of these interactions with an ever-changing group of stakeholders with cystal-clear communication, painstaking attention to detail, and an ability to lead the engagement towards a win-win outcome.

You might have heard the saying (variously attributed to Elvis Costello, Frank Zappa, and others) that "writing about music is like dancing about architecture." And while it might be true that dance is probably not the best medium to describe traditional architecture -- the kind involving houses, buildings, bridges, and other physical structures -- it might not be such a crazy way to think about solution architecture. There's often a constant back and forth and a steady give and take that might well be described in dance terms.

But rather than describing solution architecture in terms of dancing, Luis might be more inclined to see the parallels with one of his own hobbies: pole fitness. "I started five years ago when I was looking for a new and exciting activity for my workouts." He thought about swimming and aerial acrobatics, but a friend steered him to a pole fitness studio. "I went for a two-hour trial class on a Saturday and ended up shattered; my whole body was aching and my arms were just hanging over from my body, useless. But I couldn’t help signing up for regular classes. It has become a passion of mine since then."

Pole fitness

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