SINGAPORE – The team here at Zinier just wrapped up an exciting week in Singapore at CommunicAsia 2019. This year, the event’s focus on 5G and IoT brought many of Zinier’s exciting technologies to the front. At the conference, our engineering and product teams demoed the product, while in the background local artists created a mural of Singapore’s history and the future of connectivity.

Located in the Satcomm section of the exposition floor, Zinier’s booth showcased the different ways AI and automation can help field service organizations work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Satellite communication systems provide broad service potential, but they also present a uniquely challenging set of hurdles. Zinier’s AI-driven platform overcomes these by providing predictive insights in real time, bringing orbital knowledge down to actionable judgments on the ground.

Taking Stock of 5G

With the seismic disruption of 5G, we’re able to track and enable new technologies such as smart grids and autonomous vehicles. CommunicAsia showcased many of these exciting advances, but with them comes an exponential increase in the complexity of systems to facilitate this progress. 5G deployment pushes this complexity to the very edge of the human ability to keep up, which is where AI comes in.

On Tuesday and Thursday, members of the Zinier team took to the stage to demonstrate how field service organizations can use AI to work smarter and faster. Zinier’s ISAC platform helps organizations increase asset uptime and deliver predictive maintenance with AI-driven insights and recommendations.

During the demo, an IoT-connected HVAC unit in a cell tower triggered an alert based on environmental factors and device performance. ISAC analyzed the situation, predicted there was a high chance of device failure, and automatically dispatched a technician with the right skills to fix the repair.

Many innovative solutions will be needed to conquer the future of 5G. As the puzzle of servicing these sites grows in complexity, Zinier provides AI-driven solutions that help organizations put the pieces together seamlessly. ISAC gives eyes and ears to the teams that will be the backbone of our 5G revolution. In all, CommunicAsia was a thrilling look into the future of technology – and we’re excited to be a part of making it all possible.

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