The future of telecommunications for homes, businesses, and organizations of all types was on full view at the Connected Britain event in London – from the technology to the regulatory frameworks to the competitive landscape for service providers. Here’s a short video from the event that, in just a couple of minutes, provides a summary of the value Zinier was there to offer to attendees.

While there were certainly some diverging opinions to be heard, our team repeatedly heard several key themes – in our own booth (GB 160, we already miss you), at keynote presentations, and (perhaps most significantly) in the pubs after the formal agenda:

  • Customer service was a high priority for many service providers. With so many alternatives available and with broadband offerings often perceived by consumers as being comparable across vendors, providing an excellent customer experience can provide a critical competitive advantage. (Spoiler alert: Zinier’s Customer Portal and related tools allow you to provide your customers with precisely the information they’re looking for in a product you can easily tailor to your brand and other requirements.)
  • Business agility is an especially hot topic for service providers, given the rapidly changing dynamics in the telecom market. With heavy investment flowing to ISPs, expectations are high for fast rollouts and high levels of performance. With uncertainty about what’s in store in the near future, the ability to respond rapidly is essential. (Spoiler alert: Zinier’s no-code customization environment makes it easy to make real-time adjustments to your workflows, tweak your analytics, and automate your scheduling and other functionality to update on the fly whenever circumstances require a change.)
  • For many service providers, the change they’re focused on most is migrating once and for all from legacy applications to fully integrated field service management solutions that will free them from the spreadsheets, post-it notes, and other workarounds they currently use. (Spoiler alert: Yup, we do that.)
  • With workforce shortages an ongoing reality, many field technicians and engineers are relatively inexperienced and skilled workers are in high demand. So mobile-friendly tools to guide inexperienced team members with step-by-step guidance and ready access to expert advice are not only major productivity boosters, but they also help increase job satisfaction and retention. (Spoiler alert: we offer that, too.)

It was great connecting with so many folks to learn about their field service operations challenges and explore how Zinier might be able to help. We’re always available for a virtual demo – just click here.

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