Still looking for holiday gifts for that special field service professional in your life? (Or a few hints you can drop to your friends and family about gifts you wouldn’t mind receiving?) Here’s the second installment of our top ten gift ideas (you can find the first five here).

  1. For the data scientist who has everything, how about this nifty DataVac? These reusable compressed air blasters seem to be popping up all over as an effective way to keep your keyboard free of crumbs, dust, and irrational numbers. (But as much as the name “DataVac” seems like a simple and fun way to ingest digits, maybe somebody should let them know that a vacuum actually does the exact opposite of what a blast of compressed air does.)
  2. For line workers only: A coloring book just for climbers – how could anyone resist the urge to shade in that carabiner on the cover?
  3. Seems like hoverboards were how all the cool kids were getting around from site location to site location last year. Whatever happened to those? On a totally unrelated note, check out this super-stylish sling for broken arms and collarbones.  
  4. The hottest AI-driven consumer gadget + one of the fastest-growing demographics = the Amazon Echo Silver Edition (an oldie, but still a goodie).
  5. You know who’s been naughty this year? Not gonna mention names, but it rhymes with “meronavirus.” So what better way to wrap up 2020 than with a few rounds of bashing away at a COVID-19 pinata? (Plus: candy!)

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