Welcome to our Humans of Zinier series! Meet the people building the new era of field service automation.

Anth Bryan, Solutions Architect at Zinier

Tell us more about your role at Zinier?
As a Solution Architect at Zinier, my primary responsibility is to transform client requirements into comprehensive solution designs. However, in practice, the role involves a multitude of tasks. 

A crucial aspect is maintaining a holistic perspective on customer requirements and the overall solution, necessitating active participation in numerous meetings. As subject matter experts in workforce management, we seamlessly navigate through multiple projects simultaneously, requiring swift information processing and adept multitasking. 

To stay at the forefront, it's crucial to have a solid understanding of our product and keep pace with the latest releases. Additionally, we actively embrace and contribute to best practices in methodology, consistently challenging the status quo.

What is a typical day like for you (personal + professional)? 

My day usually kicks off  with a dog walk. We live just outside the historic naval city of Portsmouth so we have the beach on our doorstep. It's a great place to let our two hyperactive Cockapoos run around and it guarantees a few hours of peace! 

The UK team, comprising delivery managers and solution architects, gathers at 9 am each morning to sync up on our plans for the day and address any potential roadblocks. This usually triggers a bit of a sprint to clear through emails and JIRA comments. Once that initial rush is over, the day unfolds with a mix of meetings, documentation, emails, and JIRA tasks.

Evenings and weekends are dedicated to a welcome break from work, filled with DIY projects, shopping, more dog walks, gaming, and dining out.

If you could pick just one place in the world to visit, where would it be?

We had an incredible fly-drive holiday around California a few years ago, and the memories linger. The idea of going back, particularly to travel Route 66, is incredibly exciting. The prospect of navigating this iconic route is something we can't wait to experience.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I play both the piano and guitar, and secretly, I'm crossing my fingers for an Oasis reunion.

‍What is your favorite quote or motto? Why?

"Work hard, play hard" is my favorite motto. It encapsulates my belief in maintaining a balance between dedication to work and the importance of enjoying life. It's a mantra that serves as a constant reminder to approach both aspects with equal enthusiasm and commitment.

What sparked your interest in joining the Zinier team and pursuing a career in field service?

I liked the idea of joining a startup. It is a real contrast to my previous job but when I assessed where Zinier was and their ambitious trajectory, I saw an exciting opportunity to contribute my experience to their journey. The presence of an old work colleague was also a big draw! Above all, it's a dynamic environment where I felt my skills could make a meaningful impact.

What is the most exciting aspect of your role at Zinier?

Everyday is different. Each day brings new challenges, providing opportunities to learn and improve, making every day a step forward from the last. 

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance while being part of the dynamic Zinier team? 

Work never has never been a 9-5 activity for me. There is so much going on with projects and initiatives that there is always something you take away to solve. However, I make a conscious effort not to send emails outside of work hours, so people like me are not waiting around to read them!

What are some of your hobbies or interests outside of work that bring you joy and inspiration? 

DIY is my main activity outside of work. Over the past three years, my wife and I have dedicated a considerable amount of time to renovating our house. It's been a genuine test of grit and determination, but as we near completion, we're immensely proud of what we've achieved. Currently on the lookout for our next house move, the renovation journey continues.

I don’t get involved in music as much as I should. Having written this, I’ve made an internal commitment to prioritize this next year and get some accreditations under my belt!

Finally the highlight of our week is the saturday circuits class at our local social club where we subject ourselves to an hour of pain to earn a beer or two in the bar after. 

Anth's Quick 3: 

Top 3 most used mobile apps? 

  1. Screwfix 
  2. Freetrade 
  3. LinkedIn

3 things that you wish were automated? 

  1. Hair cuts
  2. Dog walking in the rain
  3. Unloading the Dishwasher

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