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$2.25 Trillion US Infrastructure Plan: What Does it Mean For Field Service?

The rise of the US interstate road system was initiated through the Eisenhower administration with the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956. Since then, the United States hasn’t seen a significant effort to invest in the US Infrastructure system.

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Automation Is Not A Four-Letter Word

This article was originally posted on the Forbes Technology Council. Click here to read the original article.‍ In 1996, world chess champion Garry Kasparov played a highly publicized match against Deep Blue, an IBM supercomputer built to take down the world’s best players. Kasparov won the match 4-2, writing afterward about the inflexibility in the supercomputer's logic, joking that he thought he still had a “few years left.”

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Looking Forward: Why Uptime Matters More Than Ever

On a hot summer afternoon in 2003, an overloaded power line in Cleveland, Ohio drooped onto underlying foliage, tripping the high-voltage line and sending a power surge back through the system.



Three Ways the IoT Is Changing Field Service

Smart machines are everywhere — in our homes, our driveways, even our power grids and assembly lines.

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Pushing Field Service Forward in 2019

Some exciting news to share — we just closed an oversubscribed Series B funding round to bring AI-driven automation to the field service industry.

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