Our CEO, Prateek Chakravarty, recently joined Vivek Joshi, CEO & co-founder of Entytle, Inc., on the Aftermarket Champions Podcast. Dive into insightful discussions on the challenges in field service roles, the evolution of the industry, and Prateek's firsthand experiences in Oil & Gas and utilities. Discover the importance of innovation in the field, making blue-collar jobs attractive again, and explore topics like the evolving field service landscape, servitization, and Zinier's role in empowering the field workforce by bridging the technology gap.

Covered in the Podcast:

  • Challenges in Extreme Conditions: Insights into field service roles in demanding environments, featuring Prateek's experiences in Siberia.
  • Innovation in Blue-Collar Jobs: Discussion on the imperative for innovation in blue-collar jobs within the field service industry.
  • Field Service Automation: Exploration of the role of automation in addressing industry challenges, emphasizing customizable workflows and efficient scheduling.
  • Servitization in Manufacturing: Examination of servitization and its impact on optimizing workforce management, particularly in the manufacturing sector.
  • Empowering Field Workforce: Insights into the broader significance of empowering field workers and bridging the technology gap in the field service sector.

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