Throughout the month of May, Zinier employees have been taking part in a “Wellness Challenge.” Inspired by the national Mental Health Awareness activities coordinated by several organizations, Zinierds have been engaging in some friendly competition to try a variety of activities designed to promote both physical and mental wellbeing – and encourage some healthy new habits. 

The activities were designed to level the playing field, regardless of an employee's experience with a particular activity, with guided sessions provided for newbies. Activities have included yoga, hiking, and even just staying hydrated and making sure you get outdoors into the sunshine for a few minutes. Employees who already have an established wellness routine, such as working out in a gym, taking part in sports, or using a wellness app, can also include those activities as part of the challenge. 

Participants earn points in a variety of ways – such as taking part in lots of activities and also by offering praise via Slack to other participants. (Sharing photos of your activities also earns bonus points.) With enough points, participants become eligible for prizes -- and all participants receive the intrinsic reward of the activities they’re participating in. 

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