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Welcome to our Frontlines November edition!

I hope you had a joyful and grateful Thanksgiving.

This month has been personally exciting as I had the opportunity to visit LATAM and connect with our partners, customers, and prospects. The coming years will undoubtedly see the LATAM economies shine and take center stage. Enabling and empowering the field workforce will be at the core of this growth. At Zinier, we're thrilled to contribute to this growth with our next-gen, customizable field service automation platform.

In Zinier news, we've launched the Functional Training series — an initiative from our successful Career Development Workshop. Crafted to empower Zinierds with the most relevant technical and non-technical skills, This series stands out, with most of our pieces presented by our internal subject matter experts. After all, who understands Zinier better than we Zinierds?

As the year draws to a close and the Holiday season approaches, many of my conversations with partners, customers, and prospects focus on 2024 and what it holds for field services. The recurring theme of these discussions is the imminent digital revolution in the field service management landscape. Field services are increasingly becoming differentiators, emphasizing streamlining processes, enhancing field workers' productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction.

What do you think? What will 2024 bring for field services? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Prateek Chakravarty

Chief Executive Officer

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Empowering Field Teams: Feature Spotlight

Capacity Management

In this section, we highlight a feature gaining a lot of traction with our users. This month, we cover capacity management.

Do you struggle with optimizing your field services in the face of unpredictable demand? Overstaffing or underutilization can become a constant concern without a strategic approach to workforce capacity, impacting efficiency and costs; this is where our capacity management feature comes into play. From forecasting future needs to making real-time adjustments, Zinier strategically navigates these challenges seamlessly.

Revolutionize your approach with precision in capacity forecasting, success definition through configurable shifts and allocations in capacity planning, real-time optimization for efficiency in capacity utilization, and a productivity boost through automated planning with capacity automation.

Ready to revolutionize your field service operations? Take the first step by requesting a demo now!

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What’s New at Zinier

Zinier Launches Partnership Program to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Field Service Management

Zinier launched the Zinier Partner Program (ZPP) to empower frontline workers and enhance field service operations through strategic partnerships, offering two levels of collaboration and numerous benefits. Five partners have joined, reflecting the company's commitment to improving technology equity and worker productivity.Read more

Fortune 500 Company Elevates Field Service Performance and Customer Satisfaction in Mexico with Zinier's Low-Code/No-Code Platform

A Fortune 500 company successfully deployed Zinier’s cutting-edge Low-code/No-code platform in Mexico to improve operations visibility, resulting in a 50% boost in field service performance and an outstanding customer satisfaction rating of 99.6%. Read more

Zinier accelerates LATAM Expansion: Signs 3-year Agreement with Puerto Rican Health Care Services Provider, Brisas Health

Zinier is intensifying its presence in Latin America with a three-year partnership with Puerto Rico's Brisas Health, underlining Zinier's strong commitment to the LATAM market. Brisas will leverage Zinier's Field Service Management (FSM) solution to boost patient care and resource allocation. Read more

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