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Welcome to our Frontlines October edition!

We hope your Halloween was filled with treats and devoid of tricks.

Speaking of treats, our hard-working frontline workers deserve them, and we're committed to making their lives even more productive and connected. In line with this mission, we're excited to announce the launch of the Zinier Partner Program this month. We are thrilled to collaborate with partners who share our dedication to empowering frontline workers. This program places a strong emphasis on nurturing partnerships that empower businesses to optimize field service operations, elevate customer satisfaction, and deliver service excellence.

The field service management landscape is on the brink of a digital revolution, and it's a topic we're hearing more about from the field and the events we attend. With a growing need to simplify processes and a shortage of quality labor, digital adoption is on the rise. The resounding message from these gatherings is that streamlined processes, empowered by user-friendly tools, integrated solutions, and efficient workflows, are the keys to achieving productive and engaged field services. It's a challenge we are dedicated to addressing with our no-code/low-code customizable platform.

In exciting Zinier news, we've recently inked our first healthcare deal in LATAM. This not only underscores our commitment to expanding in the LATAM region but also promises to boost patient care and enhance resource allocation, ultimately making life easier for the frontline workers.

Second, we successfully deployed our platform for a Fortune 500 company's Mexico arm, resulting in a remarkable 50% boost in field service performance and an outstanding customer satisfaction rating of 99.6%. There's nothing that brings me greater satisfaction than helping our customers succeed by empowering frontline workers to elevate field service performance. Any step in this direction is always the highlight of my month!

What’s the highlight of your month? I would love to hear your views. Do write back.

Prateek Chakravarty

Chief Executive Officer

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Empowering Field Teams: Feature Spotlight

Appointment Booking

In this section, we highlight a feature that is gaining a lot of traction with our users. This month we cover appointment booking.

Our user-friendly Appointment Booking feature empowers end-customers to effortlessly book, reschedule, or cancel appointments while gaining access to vital task details, fostering transparency, and providing real-time technician tracking.

On the other hand, administrators benefit from extensive customization options, ensuring alignment with their organization's needs, and the integration capability offers seamless adaptability to existing appointment management services. What’s more, it is tightly coupled with our scheduler, so that you can say no to overbookings.

Whether integrated with our Productivity Suite or existing appointment management services, our appointment booking feature centralizes notifications and empowers end-users to take control of their appointments, enhancing efficiency, communication and customer satisfaction, creating a more positive relationship between service providers and their valued customers.

I want to know more!

Industry Happenings

  • November 6-7 Mexico Connect 2023
  • November 6-8 The 22nd Annual Canadian Telecom Summit
  • November 13-15 Field Service Connect USA
  • November 21-22 Total Telecom Congress 2023

In October, we had the privilege of attending Calix ConneXions 2023, an event that offered a deep dive into the pressing challenges and innovative solutions in the broadband service provider industry. The labor shortage emerged as a significant concern, but the conference shed light on strategies to conquer this hurdle. Notably, the adoption of AI and automation, coupled with the power of simplification, stood out as essential tactics to help providers not only survive but thrive.

What's more, Calix ConneXions 2023 spotlighted a fundamental shift in the broadband industry's focus, transitioning from a speed-oriented approach to prioritizing customer experience. This evolution emphasizes the importance of field service productivity tools, which play a central role in elevating service delivery and improving customer satisfaction.

In Field Notes, we highlight the four key takeaways from the event. Do check it out.

What’s New at Zinier

Zinier Launches Partnership Program to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Field Service Management

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Fortune 500 Company Elevates Field Service Performance and Customer Satisfaction in Mexico with Zinier's Low-Code/No-Code Platform

A Fortune 500 company successfully deployed Zinier’s cutting-edge Low-code/No-code platform in Mexico to improve operations visibility resulting in a 50% boost in field service performance and an outstanding customer satisfaction rating of 99.6%. Read more

Zinier accelerates LATAM Expansion: Signs 3-year Agreement with Puerto Rican Health Care Services Provider, Brisas Health

Zinier is intensifying its presence in Latin America with a three-year partnership with Puerto Rico's Brisas Health, underlining Zinier's strong commitment to the LATAM market. Brisas will leverage Zinier's Field Service Management (FSM) solution to boost patient care and resource allocation. Read more

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