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Webinar Recap: Low-Code Platform - The CIO’s Secret Solution to Field Service Agility

You’ve heard the phrase “the new normal” many times over the past several months. You know that many things about your life and your work will be different, for a long time to come.Our crystal ball is fuzzy about most things but in the realm of field service, we benefit from seeing all of the experiences of our customers and partners. And that gives us confidence to offer some observations about how the new normal for field service is shaping up.


Webinar Recaps

Webinar Recap: Orchestrating Your Field Operations For Maximum Efficiency

The field service industry is at an inflection point.Gone are the days when organizations could manage their operations with whiteboard schedules and analog phones. There are too many sites to visit, technicians to support, and data points to analyze.

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Webinar Recaps

Webinar Recap: The Science (and Art) of Field Service Scheduling

In a perfect world, field service would run like clockwork. In the real world, field service is more like a mad scramble against time and unplanned obstacles. Technicians call in sick. Parts break down unexpectedly. Traffic jams turn into missed tasks and broken SLAs.


Webinar Recaps

Webinar: Powering the Workforce of the Future

Technology is changing the way we work, with AI and automation supercharging the traditional workforce. Given the pace of innovation, what will that workforce look like in 10 years – and how should organizations start preparing today?

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