Welcome to our Humans of Zinier series! Please meet the people building the new era of field service automation.

Who: Reine, Director Solution Development, Zinier

Location: Bangalore, India

What is your typical day like?

All things in the world of solution delivery! I mainly act as the fabric and fulcrum between teams to get the cogs moving. While the engineering and product teams continuously work to deliver the platform and features, solution delivery manages the last-mile connectivity of our product to our customers. Given that we are a startup, there are always feedback loops between customers and engineering - my role is to work with all stakeholders to ensure that the delivery orchestration is smooth and timely.

You are working toward earning your PhD in Software Quality Assurance - tell us about this.

I started my Industry stint as a Quality Assurance engineer. I realized that there is no formal education program in this space and one who joins a QA role is often left on their own to figure things out. In my pursuit to better understand the science & fundamentals behind QA, I completed several prestigious certifications. However, I felt like it still wasn’t enough. Hence, I enrolled into a PhD degree that provides the structure and discipline to strengthen my understanding in this space and to apply it practically at work.

You also have a couple master’s degrees including an MBA. What motivates you to continue learning and pursuing new degrees?

I come from a very small town where I had to learn and unlearn a lot of things: What is the trend? Where is it going? How do I stay relevant? What should I do to prepare myself and be ready? Enrolling in a formal education program like an MBA gave me the discipline to keep a mindset of continuous development and ensure that my learning remains on track.

In your role, you must be very metric- and data-driven. Do you find yourself being very data-driven in other aspects of your life, too? If so, please describe.

Yes! My family does vision board planning to set our goals at the end of the year, during Christmas holidays. We review the past year, the new year, 3-5 year plans. This helps us to understand the status, identify if we are on track, how much we have improved and if we should tweak our plan.It’s a great activity to do with children. We adopt concepts from lean principles, lay out the plan on paper, cut pictures representing goals from old newspapers and magazines and paste them on. You can get your kids to draw pictures too!

What is a favorite quote or motto? Why?

“It is the love of pursuit that matters, then results fuel passion” - Reine

What we want is different from what we are capable of. Putting it into play and seeing the outcome helps us to decide whether we enjoy it and move forward with enthusiasm!

What’s a fun fact about you?

I doodle a lot.

Reine’s Quick 3:

Top 3 most used mobile apps:

  • Slack
  • Linkedin
  • Notes

3 things that you wish were automated:

  • Children’s homework and education
  • Folding clothes
  • Being a PA for my husband

Thanks for sitting down with us and sharing your story, Reine!

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