If you stopped in on Jack Moroney on movie night, there’s a fair chance that the film he’d be watching would be Layer Cake – the Daniel Craig underworld thriller he says he could watch 100 times in a row. 

Maybe there’s something about a complex story that plays out one layer at a time that Jack relates to. In a way, that’s how he spends his days as Director of Sales at Zinier. As he describes it, the keys to success in his role play out in a series of three “layers”:

Discovery: listening for and identifying core business problems that Zinier can solve – otherwise, you’re just shooting in the dark when you showcase your platform.

Organization: showing the customer that you are organized and professional gives you immediate credibility as the customer-facing part of the business. It also assures them that the buying process will be predictable. 

Negotiation: identifying what the customer's objections might be, what is material to them, and where you can be flexible.  

For Jack, a typical day at Zinier brings a mix of activity – from finding new prospective customers, talking with existing prospects, and working closely with his teammates. He’s been absorbing the life of a salesperson since his high school days, when his father enlisted Jack’s help. “I would look for good persona targets and update our contact database. I also listened in on plenty of sales calls. When I could tell they were close to winning a deal, I could feel the excitement. The thrill of the close was ingrained in me from that point on.” 

Life growing up wasn’t only about sales, of course. “I went to my first Yankees game with my grandparents when I was six years old. The whole day was special – my grandma made a fantastic spaghetti dinner, and then we saw the Yankees beat the Red Sox, sitting right behind my favorite player in right field: Paul O’Neill.” 

Sorrento, Italy

Despite now living in Boston where rooting for the “Bronx Bombers” can be dangerous, he remains a Yankees fan. He also remains a pasta enthusiast. He recently had the chance to visit Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast in Italy: “Every meal I had – pasta, pizza, and seafood – was among the best I’ve ever experienced.” 

He’d love to have more time in his life to enjoy things like travel and great food. If he could apply Zinier-style solutions in his own life, the three things he’d love to automate would be laundry, household cleaning, and meal prep. Meanwhile, he takes satisfaction in knowing that he’s helping enterprises to streamline and optimize their field service operations. 

We’re always looking for new additions to the Zinier team – no matter which team you root for (although Manchester United fans are especially welcome). Check out our current opportunities here

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